Paintings by Kevin Thayer

Collection of paintings from New Orleans Artist Kevin Thayer. The paintings I create are predominantly made with acrylic paint and various water based paints including Hi-Flow Golden Acrylics & MTN 94 spray paint. Most paintings recently I do have many layers, including an underpainting, a collage layer of random marks and colors on paper, a spray paint layer, the layers involved in painting my subject and then often there are washes on top of that. The works on paper though, that process is refined quite a bit as I am not able to do the collage layer. These recent works on paper are fluid and fun to paint so they feel pretty similar to my works on canvas.
Inspiration-I am inspired by everything from fashion shows, films, and my favorite painters and visual artists. I am excited by the creativity and innovation of the fashion lines and fashion shows by designers and design houses of Jean Paul Gaultier, Dior, Chanel, Anna Sui. Films and film directors I enjoy and draw influence from include David Lynch, Tim Burton, Wes Anderson. My favorite visual artists include Takashi Murakami, Andy Warhol, Marina Abramovic, Jack Kirby, Faile, DAIN, Stikki Peaches.
Subjects-The paintings I create currently are multi layered impressionistic portraits of dreamy goddesses, street art inspired dogs, street scenes and iconic pop stars. I concentrate on faces in my work because I am trying to convey either the personality or emotion of my subject which I find challenging and enjoyable. I love the personal connection that viewers find in my work and love that they want to own and have my paintings become a part of their lives.
Background-My first professional art I made was painting faces of fashion models on t shirts for my friends during my high school years. Soon I began showing my hand painted clothing in consignment shops and later in boutiques in New York city. I chilled out on doing hand painted clothing when I began to work in an art supply store and started interacting with many different artist & experimenting with all types of materials.
Early Career-I started showing in art shows in California after getting my degree in studio art @ Bard College. I was still an abstract painter at that point but continued doing illustration gigs on the side and tried to figure out what kind of artist I was. I did illustration for magazines, t shirt designers, and conceptual illustration for films trying as many different fields of art as I could to see what seemed to fit for me.
After many years as a freelance illustrator and participating in occasional art projects and exhibitions I realized I just wanted to concentrate on being a painter. I moved to New Orleans, where I had lived a few times before, and dedicated myself to being a fine artist refining my style and trying to figure out what I wanted to specifically develop in my work. Over the last few years I have focused in on creating and developing work that means the most to me and represents what I want to share with the world.
Thayer Gallery NOLA-New Orleans is an exotic, theatrical city filled with excitement & energy. I try to depict the unique spirit of New Orleans through my work because living here is the most creative environment I have ever lived in. After many years of being featured in and showing in local art galleries, I learned a great deal, but ultimately was not satisfied with how my work was being represented. I am now independently representing my work in Thayer Gallery. Art works, commissions, and prints will be made available on the Thayer Gallery website for sale and studio visits will be made available by appointment only by contacting